Fingerprint Time & Attendance System
AC100C is built for cost-effectiveness, so that startups, smaller companies or those with a smaller budget set aside for
time management system can still deploy the solution to better their operation. This device holds an amazing
capacity for fingerprint templates and transaction records, plus it can be synchronized with the TCMS V3 software for
easier data management. AC100C is a great choice for practicality at an affordable cost.

Product Description

buddy-punch Eliminate Buddy Punching
Card system doesn’t solve ‘buddypunching’ problem where one employee can clock for another employee. Eliminate ‘buddypunching’ by using user’s fingerprint as identity
workcodes Workcodes
Let your staff experience more independence by reporting their whereabouts via our workcodes feature.
cloud-ready Cloud-Ready Technology
TA100C comes with the latest PUSH technology, suitable for FCC data storage and convenient for TimeTec TA. The technology eliminates the need for manual data download process.
data-management Data Management Simplified
FingerTec TA100C is equipped with TCP/IP connectivity and when that is not available, a USB flash port can be used to transfer transaction logs into your computer.
manage-data Manage Data Easily
TCMS V3 is loaded with useful features complete with various reports for your business. Its data integration to 3rd party software is made available through the readily available SDK.
precise-recognition Precise Recognition
A100C uses minutiae point matching fingerprint technology, an advanced algorithm to match the stored fingerprint template with the live one to guarantee authenticity.
full-colour-screen Full Colour Screen
This model comes with a full colour TFT screen. Display pictures corporate advertisements, screen savers and much more on the colour screen of the terminals.
value-for-money Value for Money
This model was designed to be economical so that you are able to implement FingerTec solutions at an affordable cost.


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